How Dogs Enrich Our Lives
How Dogs Enrich Our Lives

How Dogs Enrich Our Lives

08112010_2There are SO many ways dogs can and do benefit us so I wanted to share several articles with you on what science has discovered in some of those ways, besides the obvious one of companionship although companionship would be THE most beneficial of course! But they help our health as well. In addition, there is information on how dogs process things through their brains and mouths that might shed some light on some of their behavior for you.

Dogs and Dander

This is a very interesting article on dogs and how they help our children with colds and asthma. These days people seem to have become overly concerned with germs, allergens, and the whole microscopic world without even thinking that those things are all around us and and in us – in fact all around the earth’s atmosphere (Bacteria Live at 33,000 feet) and are there for a reason. People have somehow come to believe (at least many of them) that when they become pregnant all of a sudden the family dog or pet is suddenly disposable because of possible allergens, dander, danger, etc. I hope the article/study below puts an end to that sort of thinking.

Micromanaging things wasn’t the norm once upon a time and animals and children were the healthier for it. Dogs didn’t stay cooped up indoors all day in crates but were allowed to be outdoors getting fresh air, sunshine and exercise as they trotted alongside their young masters throughout the day. Those days are long gone it seems in all but the smaller communities and countryside – and that is also fast disappearing.

With all the vaccines, being fed commercial processed junk food (kibble), being slathered in pesticides we call “prevention” it’s no wonder canine behavior AND human behavior have gone haywire. Until everyone decides to wake up out of the Matrix it will only prevail. At least now there is one study proving how great dogs are for our children: Study: Dog Dander Protects Children from Common Cold Virus and AsthmaGreat Dane Puppy Hugging Human

By the way, all the natural rearing breeders are always getting comments on their puppies about how they don’t smell, they are so clean, etc. – that is because that’s how a carnivore ought to smell and be so as to not alert prey they are coming BUT that can only happen when our dogs (and cats) are fed a natural raw diet and their immune systems are not destroyed by toxins such as vaccines and pesticides.

My former dog, a Great Dane as you’ve surmised by now if you have been reading the blog, absolutely adored children even though he was not raised with them or around them. I hope more people will realize how much value dogs bring to a family, especially those of that have been naturally reared.

Dog Brains

Scientists have finally discovered that dogs THINK! But then we dog lovers have known that for ages without any science to prove it to us.

The scientists in this video and article do seem to be not only impressed with canines but also with dog lovers themselves. I am not very happy about all the MRIs this dog received though to discover this. I do hope that because of this dog’s work that she will get a REAL meat bone someday instead of that nasty rawhide one – which is the topic for another blog post.

So if you can look past all of that to read the article and watch the video then I think you will be excited with what they have learned. It really just confirms what any animal/canine loving person who has lived with and loved a canine companion has known throughout the millenia.

When I used to play a hide-and-seek game with my Meshach boy (one of our favorite games) I would sneak peeks at him when he couldn’t see me and noticed him listening and I swear thinking through what his next move would be. Sometimes I used to hide from him on our long walks when I didn’t think he was paying attention. I wanted to see what he would do. Typically he would stay real still and listen while looking and then I’d pop out of hiding much to his joy but often he would just come charging right to my hiding place because he knew through scent and sound as well as thinking things through. It kept us both on our toes and was a game we both enjoyed.

Carolina Dog in a chairWhen he used to sit on the big chair on our patio (which King and Schatzie now occupy) we’d go out to have a “hug” from Meshach – he was so sweet that way. Neither King or Schatzie are inclined to do this. But Meshach would put his head against ours (whichever one of us went out to see him) and then he’d wrap a foreleg around our shoulders in a canine version of a “hug“. He also seemed to translate the “ping” on my cell phone as “going for a walk with our canine neighbors” because that is usually what happened when I got a message on my phone in the mornings from my then neighbor, Amy. Meshach could tell by my body language if we were indeed going for a walk WAY before I ever told him we were – as have ALL my dogs before and since. Dogs are SO tuned in to us!

Animals have feelings. They think. They learn. They know things. Just like humans do, only we do it with a canine mind which does differ from a human mind BUT we are VERY observant. Through the ages our animal companions have learned how humans think and how to interact with us accordingly. Yet we, as the supposed “superior” beings, are just now starting to scratch the surface on how animals think and interact. Humans are the ones who invent things that destroy the earth, people, animals – not animals.

How Dogs Read Our Moods

Our dogs do more than THINK they actually can read our moods through built in emotion detectors they have for us – and most likely with each other as well. I just find it absolutely fascinating how tuned into us they are and yet we still don’t know as much about them. They are SO observant!

How Dogs Read Our Moods: Emotion Detector Found In Fido’s Brain – I still don’t get why the name “Fido” has to be the name chosen for dogs in every article about them though lol.

And while this is wonderful news I still am not happy about how much radiation these dogs are being subjected to – sorry I can’t help myself because I am a naturopath after all. I do love what has been “discovered” scientifically but anyone who has ever loved a dog knew this already. With science there is always sacrifice which I will never like.

Mouthy or natural wolf-dog behavior?

Both my Golden Retriever, Fridge, and my Great Dane, Meshach were mouthy puppies. I never thought too much about it thinking that’s just “puppy” and I am not off base in thinking that as this next article will show.Posing_for_Mom_2

The article sheds some light on the muzzle-grabbing behavior of dogs and wolves. Human babies as well as baby animals put things into their mouths to experience them but that is also in part how the immune system is developed naturally – and yes they all get sick as the body learns to mount a defense and remember that defense in cell memory. But again that is another topic altogether, sort of. The article explains yet an additional reason for the mouthiness as part of canine society:

Not a Dog Person?

And lastly, if all of the above hasn’t yet convinced you of the amazing ways dogs benefit and enhance our lives, the following video, will hopefully eliminate any doubts. A dog won’t judge you, he will comfort you and be there for you. Not A Dog Person? Give Me 30 Seconds. You Will Be After This Ad Goes From Horrible To Heartening

Of course the dog in this video was trained specifically for the duty he performs but dogs do love a job (another thing we could take lessons from them about), they don’t shirk their duties and in fact, can bring so much comfort and love to us – no matter how big or small the situation calls for. And when they are gone, their memories and presence live on in our hearts for me as deep and as impactful as any human being has ever been in my own life.

Until next time…

Have a pawsitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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