Fulvic – Humic Acid for Immune Support in Our Pets

American Bully dogJust a couple of years ago I began doing some research into a supplement I had little knowledge of but was intrigued because of my Facebook friend, Nikki Brown’s, Canine Angel newsletters mentioning this supplement. I knew she was/is a raw feeder so I was very intrigued as I read her articles on why even our raw fed pets could utilize this type of supplementation.

Even though I was aware of the soil depletion due to monoculture farming as well as using a very toxic approach to pests and weeds, I wasn’t aware we had a simple solution to it all.

Supplementing with fulvic-humic acid has been something that organic farmers/ranchers have known about and utilized for quite a long time. They understand that what goes into and what is in the soil goes right up the food chain. If the soil isn’t healthy, then the plants won’t be healthy, the herbivore won’t be healthy and we and our carnivore companions won’t be healthy either.

In order for our organic farming to be productive and also provide us with nutrient dense foods, organic farmers know that they need to support the immune system of their land through proper nourishment of the plants. Before the industrial revolution and all of the tampering with nature to try and force more out of her with modern farming, the soil was teeming with microorganisms that provided the plants with the nourishment they need, which then passed on up the food chain. As we make that slow turn back to our original and truly organic farming ways, we are realizing that the monoculture approach isn’t only not working for the farms or soil, but for the animals in this system either…which then translates into poor nourishment for our canine carnivore companions.

Here is a show I did on this subject if you are interested in learning more on the topic of organic farming versus monoculture farming:

We tout the many benefits of raw feeding but being cognizant of the fact that we must also do our due diligence as we can to seek out true grass-fed, range-fed animals we also need to know these herbivores were also nourished properly. However, that may not always be possible, so in that case we then must supplement to a degree.

I have provided resources for you below to do your own research to learn more and decide if you want to go this route with your own dogs.

This has helped my own dogs and I’d love for your dogs to be helped as well.

Here are some of the many benefits of using this supplement:Carolina Dog digging
*Fulvic-humic acid is a powerful electrolyte which serves to balance cell life…we and animals are made up of a lot of cells!

*It is a powerful free radical scavenger and antioxidant

*Makes minerals bio-available for easy assimilation into the body

*Enhances and transports nutrients within the body

*Increases the activity of enzymes

*Stimulates metabolism

*Detoxifies pollutants

With both of my current dogs being immune compromised due to their former conventional care and in the case of my American Bully, King, from a line of conventionally reared dogs, I knew I would need to help them further. In addition to being fed from organic, pastured-raised animals, I began feeding them the BioAg product that was left over from my sweet Great Dane, Meshach. King showed such rapid improvement – he lost weight, gained a much softer, shinier coat, and began detoxifying all of the chemicals his little body was apparently loaded with. I also use quality, branded essential oils with him in a weekly raindrop technique (which I have shared in previous posts and will share more in future posts). He is strong, agile, full of energy and spunk now as he ought to be. He moves with speed and efficiency – and is quite the character in our home, the ever present comedian.

Our other dog, Schatzie who is an American Dingo mix, took a little longer to come around. She was in bad shape though when we got her. Her coat felt like straw to the touch and had not been groomed in a very long time. She had other health issues we discovered as well. But with the raw diet, good grooming, BioAg, and a couple of other supplemental aids she is coming along. Her coat is thick, shiny and soft to the touch. She has gained musculature, strength, and her teeth are 100% better. They are not perfect but oh so much better and so is her breath! I don’t attribute all of this to the product but to the combination of the raw diet, following all the laws of health, etc. I do know, however, that the fulvic-humic acid supplement makes a noticeable difference in my dogs overall health and well being.

Until next time….

Have a pawsitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

Read the research for yourself:

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While I will continue to provide educational articles and information for you, most of these are general in nature. Therefore, I encourage you set up an appointment for a consultation with me to tailor a program specifically for your pet’s needs. This is particularly imperative in pets with complicated health issues, or if you’ve done a lot of outside reading and have conflicting information. A consultation includes a personalized diet and holistic lifestyle suggestions that are custom-tailored to your own pet’s individual and personal needs.

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