Carnivore Scavenger Extraordinaire
Carnivore Scavenger Extraordinaire

Carnivore Scavenger Extraordinaire

Carolina Dog scavenging dead things
Eating my dead rotting thing

Last month Schatzie (my Carolina Dog) and I were on our morning walk. At some point during that walk she discovered another dead rotting thing – her way of supplementing her diet with the correct enzymes and probiotics, to which I approve of course. She is very resourceful. She had to be prior to coming to us because she was fed cheap, nasty kibble. She survived by honing her hunting skills as well as her scavenger skills. That hasn’t waned since she came to us – after all her carnivore skills were a necessity so she continues to utilize them. She was approximately seven when she came us four and half years ago – and still going strong!

When I noticed said “dead rotting thing” in her mouth, the following conversation between her and I ensued:

Schatzie: As per our former agreement Mom I’m not pretending to have nothing in my mouth.
Me: Good girl Schatz and way to obtain your own probiotics and enzymes naturally!
Schatzie: Of course, I’m a carnivore scavenger after all, woof!
Me: You are indeed my wolf girl! So proud of you and I sure admire your feral, innate predator self just the way you are 😍💖
Schatzie: Thanks Mom, I appreciate you letting me be what I am rather than expecting me to be an extension of you!

This is how intent my dogs are waiting as their food is prepped – they are definitely CARNIVORES! King

Dogs waiting for their food
Making sure our humans know we are intent on our RAW food!

always waits near the door so he can be the first one out. Why? Because they get fed outdoors of course as I do not want them dragging any carcasses around the floor inside. I in turn love honoring them as the carnivores they are – it sure beats paying all the vet bills for skin issues, allergies, and ultimately diseases from ignoring all the warning symptoms those things are. Besides, species appropriate RAW nutrition is a LAW of health! We don’t ask horses to eat raw meat so we ought not be expecting our companion carnivores to eat vegan, herbivorous diets – that’s just cruel and abusive.

A short message this time, but as always my desire is to focus in on the real needs of the carnivore regardless of what human idealism is promoting and pushing. This is for them not us.

Until next time….

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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