Challenging Gift from Heaven
Challenging Gift from Heaven

Challenging Gift from Heaven

American Bully paw on human hand
King’s paw on my hand

This photo wasn’t planned or orchestrated. My American Bully, King does this whenever my husband and I pray or worship God. He is my challenging gift directly from heaven.

Yes I was on my knees, face to the floor and he did this. When I felt him do it I grabbed my phone (which was on the floor also next to me which was a darn good thing) to capture it.

He’s such a special boy, a gift from heaven for sure even with the challenges we’ve faced with him…I think maybe especially because of those challenges. He is a very intense, very sensitive, and when he wants to be very focused on whatever has captured his attention.

He and I started off our relationship in a communication struggle. I’ve never had a dog like him before. He has fear-reactivity. This helped me learn to bring my energy in with him. I’ve also learned I have to interact differently with him than any other dog I’ve had. I also have to be very firm at the same time. This means he’s stretched me further outside of myself than I ever thought I needed or wanted LOL.

American Bully dog praying with owner
King and Donnie praying together

I believe he was purposely put in our lives by God. I really do, especially in light of all I’ve just stated. I’m very grateful for him even though at times I question my sanity in the process…he is nothing if not persistent in his own goals which makes for interesting challenges with him at times.

The good news is, we’ve come to a nice consensus the two of us. In fact, since he’s a “Daddy’s boy” I’ve come to believe he’s far better behaved with me than my husband now. I suppose because we’ve had to really work at our relationship. With my husband he just adores him BUT that also means my husband sometimes doesn’t follow through with him either on being firm. King takes any leverage he can get – it’s just who he is. I suppose most dogs are that way but some push it to the limit and King would be one of those.

I’ve gone into some of the details about him on this blog and on my podcasts (the former and the new one) so I won’t do that here. This was really just to share what a treasure he is in spite of all the challenges…and maybe especially because of them! Let’s see what the new year brings us in growing together.


Together my Bubby boy we go forward 💖

Until next time…

Have a pawsitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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