The Power of Our Attitudes
The Power of Our Attitudes

The Power of Our Attitudes

American Bully dog consoling his owner
King consoling me

What does that mean, the power of our attitude? In other words the power is in our attitudes towards what is happening in our lives. We can react or respond. We can rise above and soar or sink and let it take us into a place of bitterness and despair. It’s a choice. It always is. Do I always succeed at soaring or rising above, or responding positively? No. But it is my goal as I go through life for sure.

From January 2018 to January 2019 I lost a cousin to suicide (October 2018), my beloved dog Schatzie to cancer (January 2019), an online business I worked so hard with my colleague to bring to fruition (in animal naturopathy which closed April 2018 – finalizing the closing of the school May 1, 2019), and our friendship which suffered a near fatal death blow in the process as well.

So think about that. Losing my dog to cancer in light of the work I do as an animal naturopath.

Losing a joint business with a Christian sister and nearly our friendship. That could be shattering to our testimonies and to our faith.when you can't control what's happening

Losing a cousin I grew up with to suicide October 2018 – the third one in my family since 2014. A nephew in August 2014. My only sister in March 2016.

Those are just some of the losses. I could lose myself in any of those if I didn’t change my attitude about any of them.

So I’m discovering these things in earnest: FORGIVENESS had to be at the center of that change. Of myself. Of others. GRATITUDE to God for all He has given me in Himself and even more as if there could be more! LOVE LOVE LOVE. That is the center of it all.

And out of that is coming the TRUTH for what my podcast and my business are to be about.

My “go throughs” are minor compared to what some endure in this life and they come out simply diffusing the beautiful fragrance of the knowledge of Him!

If they can, so can I because HE lives in me!

And my dog King deserves to have a human who is rooted and grounded in love. For him. For others. And for herself.

Until next time…

Have a PAWsitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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