The Lion’s Roar

Before I delve into the lion’s roar, let me give a little background story first. Recently I participated in a 5-day Kingdom Warriors NFT challenge last week. I have been learning about the crypto world for the last several months so this challenge was purrrfect for me to participate in. The Lion of Judah is always in the forefront of all that Kingdom Warriors do. I was on Team #8, the Lion’s Roar. So of course I was VERY focused in thinking about lions and their roar, not just NFTs lol since I am that “weird animal girl“. The number 8 is significant also and means “new beginnings“. While our team didn’t win, I am grateful that this was the team I was placed on because what came out of it for me went way deeper than I had ever anticipated. Plus the people on my team were such nice and also very talented folks – most in KW are artists, musicians, authors, etc.

You may be wondering why on a dog blog I’d be sharing this…well I’m glad you asked! I’ve shared so many things on this blog – dogs/animals, faith, essential oils, music, whole health (naturopathy), laws of health, vibrations/frequencies, raw feeding, et al. The thing is, they ALL and I mean ALL intersect. It’s like a rainbow, all the colors when blended become the White Light. During my morning prayer walk on Friday (the last day of the challenge) which includes my Carolina Dog Ezra (he is usually zooming around our half acre going 90 mph lol), I suddenly had quite the download from God hit me all at once. It was the intersection of all the things I mentioned in the first sentence of this paragraph – animals, faith, essential oils, music, whole health, vibrations/frequencies, raw feeding, etc., showing me how to connect all of these into one message – which is actually Him through me. Every single thing I’ve shared on this blog since 2004 (yes some has been removed) has culminated into this very thing and they all intersect into one very significant topic: JESUS the Creator! So I thought I’d start with the roar of the Lion because this animal represents my King Jesus. So let’s DIG in shall we?

When we talk about the roar of a lion, most of us think we know what that’s like since we’ve seen them in zoos, movies, documentaries, on videos, etc. I remember MANY years ago when I was in my twenties, I was at the local zoo here with my grandmother and father. I was stupidly trying to sweet talk to the male lion in the CAGE at a distance. He wasn’t having any of that and charged the cage fence and roared really loudly at me simultaneously. I screamed and jumped back as did several of the people there. People were laughing like you do after a scare and of course looking at me like the fool I was. That was a good lesson learned for me. I also felt sad that the lion was in that cage (I’ll never forget the intensity of his eyes) – which changed years later when they remodeled their area to a more natural habitat – if you can call that natural since it isn’t even close to the amount of territory that lions roam in the wild. Again, not much is really wild anymore with ecotourism used to maintain protected areas to thwart poaching. What a mess of things we’ve made but then I digress because the goal here now is to turn the tables on the problems to focus rather on the solutions and opportunities present within those very problems.

Only last year I was listening to a video about a man who went on a mission trip to Africa when he was young. They were sleeping in tents as they had to trek on foot to get to the villages. One night a lion was so close that when he roared, this missionary said he felt every cell in his body vibrate and that lasted for about twenty minutes, gulp! He said he was so shaken. The guide fired off a rifle shot so the lion left. Nikola Tesla said, “All things have a frequency, and vibration.” The lion’s roar most certainly does! I’m sharing the graphic here I discovered last week with both Tesla and Royal Rife – both focused on FREQUENCIES. Tesla for free energy (which he knew would never be allowed sadly) and Rife for naturally healing the body (which also is rarely truly allowed in the liberty God gave us – that WILL be changing though!).

There was a study done by biologists and speech scientists (think about that – SPEECH scientists because words are matter and they do matter) on how lions and tigers roar. They discovered a lot about how they roar and that “humans speak in a range of sound frequencies similar to those of lions’ and tigers’ roars, but obviously our voices are much softer.” There is even more interesting information in the article which you can read in its entirety here:

the healing purr of a cat

There are a lot of articles on this topic which is fascinating to me and I hope you as well especially since we’ve not considered the negative effects of manmade sounds (non-natural vibrations/frequencies) that are harmful to our health versus those in nature which are beneficial to us. In this article titled The Lion Roar is the Voice and Sound of Africa you can learn a whole lot about how and why lions roar, here are a few snippets, “Roars are loud, low-pitched vocalizations that are delivered in bouts, which typically last 30 to 60 seconds and consist of several soft introductory moans, a series of full-throated roars and a terminating sequence of grunts.” This one reminded me of my own incident with the zoo lion, “If staring isn’t enough to scare off the intruders, a lion will let out a powerful roar.” And finally this, “Spectrographic analysis of lion roar reveals both low-frequency components with a fundamental frequency around 180-194 Hz and a higher-frequency component around 4,000 Hz. A gender difference also exists with the fundamental frequency for males at about 195 Hz and for females about 207 Hz.” – there are a couple of videos in this article so you can listen to the various sounds they make.

Here is a great article by Mandy Woodhouse titled, “An Encounter with the Lion – He Is Close to You

Side notedomestic cats purr at a frequency for promoting bone strength…makes you wonder what a lion’s roar can do huh? Is it any wonder that music and sounds are becoming the focus of medical studies – TRUE health and wellness! I used to think that only things like essential oils could do this but I was SO wrong. SOUND is light slowed down, which molecular biologist/physicist Dr. Doug Corrigan explains so beautifully and well in his book Author of Light. In my home we are using the Healing Project Music by WholeTones DAILY and have been since 2019.

I hope you stay TUNED to this blog as we explore more of this connection in nature from our Creator. “But one of the elders said to me, ‘Do not weep. Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals.” ~Revelation 5: 5, NKJV

Check out this song titled LION by Elevation Worship too

Article: It’s Time to Reclaim Your Roar!

Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY, Lion’s Roar day!



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