Tuned to a New Frequency

Nikola Tesla

This morning I was having an interesting discussion with my husband, or rather he was listening and I was doing some exuberant talking lol. It was all about one of my most favorite topics: frequencies, vibrations, tuning UP to a NEW frequency! This interest originally started with using the Young Living essential oils and how they raise vibrational frequencies. However, it has gone way above that these days. In truth, the oils are entrained to the voice of God. So our discussion centered on this – entrainment, frequencies, cellular memory, DNA and more. I’m going to share a couple of articles to help you with some of this rather than writing another real long post.

These articles are only two of MANY faith-based articles that go into this topic at some point in each particular article no matter the subject matter! I find that absolutely fascinating as I’ve been interested in this topic for over 15 years and wrote my first class on the topic in 2015. That same class has evolved into so much more and will be re-launched this spring with other classes I have coming! Of course it includes some on essential oils but even more exciting it includes sounds and information on a variety of animals as well. If you go to my Instagram account you won’t find me posting much there lately but you will find lots of highlights and daily stories that bring the visuals to what I’m attempting to describe a bit here without too much detail.

Here are three faith-based articles on the frequency topic – scroll down until you see (unless you want to read the articles in their entirety which I think is a great idea) on Being Tuned to a New Frequency and this one scroll to The Release of a Different Frequency. Lastly, this one Tuning in to His Channel.

I’ve never seen this amount of focus on this topic before but it has been increasing in faith-based circles that follow Jesus for a few years now and it’s coming to a crescendo!!

Neo Mastiff making a statement

Why would I share this on an animal blog? Because ALL Creation is groaning, anticipating the revealing of the sons of God and this is the beginning of exactly that! (Read Romans 8 in scripture). Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla both mentioned vibrations and frequencies a lot and in fact said they are the secret to the universe. God SPOKE everything into existence. Words are vibrational so everything on earth is vibrating with the sound of His voice (even man-made inventions since it all comes from this earth but many of these lower our frequencies rather than raise them). Animals are always TUNED into each other and the vibrations and sounds of this earth. Always. We are the ones who’ve tuned it all out with our noise which are the type of vibrations that lower our frequencies which isn’t a good thing. It’s time to go back to basics. To be still. To be quiet so we can hear. So we can tune in and then tune up. Every instrument needs to be tuned to higher frequency to sound good. Musicians know this.

When my former colleague/business partner/podcast co-host Dr. Jeannie Thomason and I first started our podcast Animal Talk Naturally in 2005, the first listeners to our show were musicians. Why? Well, because I named our first shows back then according to songs and then I’d open the show with the chorus of that song lol. While I don’t have a beautiful singing voice, I can hold a tune and so I did. It’s still funny to me and something my friends all know I do to this day. My family all do it as well. It’s just all about the music with us especially since my Dad was a bass player in an R&B band when I was a baby. I’ll link to one song so you can have a chuckle, it’s titled, The Kibble Poop Song. The super cute dog on this page is my former amazing dog, Shadrach the Neo Mastiff who launched my journey wholeheartedly into natural animal health and was the primary blogger for me as well for years until he passed (and even a few heavenly visits on this blog as well).

It’s hard for me to focus on anything else but this these days even though I am working on this new, big project that encompasses all of my teaching over the years. However, this topic on music, frequencies, vibrations, entrainment, DNA, etc., is the most fascinating to me. I believe it is the key to everything on this earth because it means tuning in and up to the Voice of God.

So for now, I’ll leave you to go through the articles, a short video (see below: Body Technology with Chris Blackeby), and a longer song on tuning up. First the song since it can’t be embedded here 528 DNA Repair / Healing music by Del Hungerford.

Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, TUNED UP day!



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