In the Dark of Night

The allegory continues…reference my Be Well book for the descriptions of the dogs minus the Fierce Seer (also known as Ezra the Carolina Dog on the right). His story is told on the podcast and here. Attitude Adjuster’s (also known as King the American Bully on the left) story is in the book, this blog, and the podcast.

She’d forgotten over the last couple of years to share these things in a way that could or may help others. She’d simply curled up inside as animals that hibernate do in the cold of winter…except She’d been doing this off and on since late 2021. Since then several things have happened and as always the Fierce Seer and the Attitude Adjuster have played their pivotal roles in seeing to it that she obeys the Voice of the One Who died to set her FREE. She kept herself locked away in a dungeon of her own making. He said, “Daughter, if you love Me, you will obey me.” Not because He’s a tyrant, but because He wants her to soar on wings like eagles far above the cacophony of the dissonant sounds that have erupted all over the earth. Because He is love, He desires her to abide in Him which is obedience. (John 15:10). He gave her NEW life and that life much more abundantly! Yet, she had still hidden away in shame and condemnation that He’d already liberated her from.

In the dark of night is when He has shown Her so much over the last couple of years because it’s when Her mind is out of the way so He can speak to Her heart. The Attitude Adjuster and Fierce Seer were hoping She’d begin to hear the music again. That She would resume Her time with them to SING and SOAR together again! That began again TODAY and they’ve been so happy and calm as a result. She FINALLY heard…in the dark of night…over several nights in truth. Not all in a row, but over several months as She was awakened by the One Who loves Her with an Everlasting Love.

Fierce Seer and Attitude Adjuster noticed the change almost immediately. They knew She wasn’t just hearing background sound, but responding to the music again. She wasn’t down or grumpy as She had been for almost all of the Fierce Seer’s 4 years of life, but he loved Her so much he just adjusted to it all and sometimes responded in kind hehehe. Whenever She laughed or was happy though, it made him want to jump, run and bark…one of his favorite thing’s to do is bark his hound dog bark. He loved it when She sang the songs She made up about him, to him. His favorite though is the White Knight song. She used to call him Black Knight, but she changed the song to White Knight recently, that’s when he noticed She was hearing the real music again in Her heart – the music that Attitude Adjuster had told him about. Attitude Adjuster knew it too because She made up a new song for him which She hadn’t done in a long time. He really likes his new song, Hey Juje (not Jude woof!). He also sings one of his old songs with Her every single day, which She calls the Doodle Bug song. She told him he’s the best dog singer She’s ever heard! It makes Her laugh when singing to and with them, so they do their best to make sure She sings a lot to them even though She says She can’t sing, that sure doesn’t stop Her. They know singing and laughing is very healing for Her and them. She even did a podcast episode on this a while back before the music faded in Her heart (titled Free Wellness Naturally – see below). Before the world spiraled into the cacophony of dissonance…it will take strong ones, wild ones, fierce ones to bring things back into symphonic harmony. Those who are in the One Who IS Love.

What had happened in the dark of night to help Her realize The Holy ONE was doing the New Thing He’d told Her He was doing in the fall of 2019 not long after Fierce Seer had arrived? Something that may not even make sense on the surface, but She always preferred the Deep End of things so She received it all! Her two youngest brothers set off to a foreign land with their families they’d visited when they were young as their father (Her stepfather) had taken them to his homeland. When She received photos of the vacation, it sent Her into a tailspin of memories as if She’d been catapulted back in time. It was almost as if nothing had changed or aged except “their” people. The commentary from one of Her brothers about it made Her so sad, that for two days She could think of nothing else. Then, on the second night, Fierce Seer awoke with his noise reactivity to the booming thunder that brought no rain, once again. She decided to be with him and maybe catch up on reading. She managed both. When the fruitless storm passed, Fierce Seer went to sleep so She was able to go back to bed. Sleep did come, and dreams as well. All based on the family memories. Two nights later, she was awakened in the middle of night by The Holy One. In what She can only describe as a movie before Her closed eyes, yet fully awake He showed Her how good Her life really had been because He mined all the gold out of it for Her to see! All the things She would’ve missed if the family and parents (step and bio) had not been Hers to experience!!! He also showed Her where He’d been during one of the worst things a child can experience that She wished She’d never had to live through. He redeemed it ALL for Her! The next day during Her weekly business/faith/teaching meetings, She could hear the faint sound of the music again She thought She may never hear again. Her heart came alive and reignited! She thought it had been slowly coming alive and She was right. Every single step He had taken her on over the last several years had led to this and so much more! As She went deeper, He was taking Her higher! She was learning the sounds, frequencies, and fragrances of Truth, Love, Light, Worship, and so much more. He was bringing beauty from ashes, the oil of joy in Her mourning, and the garment of praise in place of the spirit of heaviness! (Isaiah 61:3).

Fierce Seer has been especially enthused with Her awakening to the realization of the journey She didn’t even know that he was put into Her life in part to facilitate. The Attitude Adjuster had told him about his own special role in her and their man human’s lives. Fierce Seer was the roar She needed to arise and shine because Her light has come! (Isaiah 60: 1-4). FINALLY the dogs both sighed, now the journey begins in earnest! She has arisen to fully possess Her birthright, in tune with the frequency of faith and Heaven which has already shifted the frequencies from lack to abundance once again. She hopes, as do the dogs, that MANY will join Her in this journey of those who have the “tongue of one who is taught” (Isaiah 50:4). As Kim Potter says, “Allow Him to fill your mouth with words of life to help bring healing to the weary.

This is an ongoing series to be continued…

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Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!



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