The Dawning of a New Day

Dark sunrise

This allegory is about the awakening!

This is the allegory continued…reference my Be Well book for the descriptions of the dogs minus the Fierce Seer (also known as Ezra the Carolina Dog). His story is told on the podcast and here. Attitude Adjuster’s (also known as King the American Bully) story is in the book, this blog, and the podcast. You can receive the Be Well book in PDF for free if you sign up for the newsletter. You’ll receive a thank you email with the link to download the PDF.

The dawn of the new day had begun! The darkness has had its way for far too long and She was ready to arise and shine because Her light has come as His glory has arisen upon Her! She knew that years ago, but now after so much darkness upon the earth and deep darkness the people, She knew it was time to fully shine brightly to dispel the darkness (see Isaiah 60:1-3). One of the ways She’s learned to do that and include the dogs is through worship of the One Who Is Love.

Worship Dog, also known as the Fierce Seer, has been part of Her rising and shining. He can be a noisy dog, but interestingly he doesn’t like a lot of noises himself, especially human electronic noises or a variety of human-made noises. He likes the sounds of nature, of calming music, or singing with Her and Music Dog, also known as Attitude Adjuster. He likes the sounds of laughter, barking, nature, AND especially food being prepared, WOOF! Attitude Adjuster especially loves to sing and howl with Her, they even have a special game he invented She calls the Howling Game (there’s a Part Two of this game on video). He loves to bark in human bepaws he can speak human really good – at least that’s what She tells him all the time. He can sing really good too, She says he’s the best dog singer she’s ever heard!

She notices when She sings, or worships God, or dances that She just feels better – and that lines up with Heaven and science as well. The dogs love it too, so the plan is to increase that to a daily activity again as She was doing previously, before She noticed the music had become so faint, so distant in Her heart. She knew She needed to tune UP, tune IN, ENTRAIN Her heart to His. To the sound of heaven, the frequency of faith. This is Her wake up call and that makes the dogs tail waggin’, happy even if it seems like a slow ascent at times. Climbing is often exhilarating yet tiring and frightening all at once! She simply must keep singing, must keep worshipping! Elaine Tavolacci says it this way, “So tune into the frequencies of Heaven. Gather the troops, and take up your stones. It’s time to take down Goliath. It’s time to silence the voice of Jezebel.”

We dogs know that part of our work on earth is to help our assigned humans tune in and up to the frequency of Heaven. We know that sound is very imPAWtant in our canine world, but we prefer the sounds of nature which are natural sounds, bePAWs those are harmonious, in synchronicity with all of Creation. The dissonant, noisy sounds come from humans when they aren’t tuned into the One Who is Love, the Master Conductor. Even though She isn’t a singer, they love the sound of Her voice when She is singing to them their personal songs or when She is singing to the Master Conductor. Why? BePAWs those sounds are tuning Her up, and them! BePAWs worshiping – as the Fierce Seer knows since he is after all also known as Worship Dog – is a portal straight into Heaven! Besides they also know that sound is light slowed down, and Who is the Author of Light after all? It sure isn’t that fallen, evil one as some like to believe. No to the no degree, WOOF! We dogs love to help educate on sound and also light. Natural light and natural sounds. Yes, animals make noises and we can be quite loud, but our sounds are much more resonant with the Creator and Creation than all the machinery, electronic, noisy sounds that are causing so much chaos in our bodies, AND yours humans! That also includes noisy music. Why humans messed that up is beyond our understanding WOOF! Our humans play harmonious music to keep us calm and themselves as well.

Young Carolina Dog

Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music. – Goethe (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

She reflected on all the dogs were saying and decided that to understand health and wellbeing we need to have a basic understanding of frequencies and vibrations – which aren’t at all woo woo as so many want to believe. As She often states most of what we’ve been taught as humans are either outright lies or distortions of truth which are still lies. Everything that is happening in the earth is because of the cacophony of dissonant sound. She knows that is also light distorted. There is a reason She calls Fierce Seer, Worship Dog and Attitude Adjuster, Music Dog. When She worships, Fierce Seer will often either sit and stare at Her, right into Her. Or he’ll try to put his pointy nose straight into Her face. Attitude Adjuster on the other hand starts singing with Her! He’ll howl and wiggle and get so excited, especially with the Hey Juge and the Doodle Bug songs. Music IS healing in the right frequency. In fact She has one She has listened to recently that is pure joy: – It’s the song Voila with master conductor Andre Rieu and the singer is Emma Kok. It’s incredibly powerful and moving!

This is why She focuses more and more on sound healing and wellness these days. The basics are here and need to be learned and implemented into the life of each dog we bring home and into each of our lives. However, to vibrate higher, we must go higher into the realm of Heaven as She has said repeatedly. It is Biblical and now science has sort of caught up to this reality. We must open our mouths wide with worship and praise! This is wholeness and health! She will explain about this even more as we progress in this pilgrim’s journey into TRUTH and WHOLENESS which is Her battle cry to overcome the darkness! Hers has always been for animals and humans to BE well, LIVE well, in total wellness.

This is when King turned around and looked at me

The dogs respond with a resounding roar of WOOF, as they already know this – piano is their favorite calming music! They say: We also listen to Wholetones. And worship music of course. There are two things we are focused on as dogs: sound and scent. We’re going to focus on the scent next time humans so you’ll need to stay TUNED in and up, WOOF! Do NOT take any of this lightly humans, as this IS the sound of freedom, of healing, of wellness at a level not known in this modern world YET, but it is coming rapidly, so hear us humans! This is the peace being sought on this earth that can only come through the Shalom of the One Who Is Love. Do you know what that word means? In an all encompassing message it means: nothing missing, nothing broken; everything functioning according to Divine Design destroying ALL authority attached to chaos. Chaos in the earth is a dissonant sound. A harmonious sound on the earth IS peace, IS Shalom!

Let’s close with these quotes:

Robin Bullock, “Worship according to your destiny, fight according to your destiny, everything according to your destiny and future. Have the faith of God or the God kind of faith.” (Mark 11: 22-24)

Music is the art of the prophets and the gifts of God.” – Martin Luther

“Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.” – E.Y. Harburg

Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!



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