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Who Cares?

Lesson 20 Chapter 3

Who Cares with Envision oil

See these two gals with me? Yep, they are the ones I mentioned I met in person for the first time at the Dallas Convention. Then the huge amount of fun we had at the 2018 Convention. My crazy faces are never ending lol. We were riding on one of the carriage bikes - you sit in it and a guy rides the cycle to get you where you need to go. Those guys are fast and strong too! Going to Convention helps you to meet up with others of like-mind, learn all the new things coming out in YL, plus take some workshops. Of course we do a lot of sight-seeing and other things too. All conventions are in UT now. This oil is perfect for setting yourself to Envision your bright and amazing future, you just need to believe it as you Envision it!

Envision blend:

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