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Who Gives a Hoot?

Lesson 22 Chapter 3

Who Gives a Hoot with Gratitude blend

This is just one of several beautiful burrowing owls I've had the pleasure of seeing on my early morning walks. I didn't see them in the early years but for some reason I began seeing them in 2016 - the year my sister took her own life. I find that interesting too. I believe God was opening up things to me that I'd never even knew I could have access to before that happened. I wanted to draw as close to Him as I could and then some - I still do! So I began seeing these beautiful owls. They'd let me get close enough to take a photo if I zoomed in. Here I was always walking with a dog and they let me do that. 

This photo was from the summer of 2019 and one of my last walks on this route due to much development happening as well as Ezra challenges. While I used a silly metaphor on owls, the story itself is yet another call of mine to encourage us to be grateful for this earth God placed us in and gave us dominion over, and to take care of what He has entrusted to us. 

I love using Gratitude blend just because I love the scent but also if I feel I've been slipping from gratitude into complaining. God isn't too thrilled with complaining and whining, so let's get our Gratitude on shall we? We can even do that literally with this blend!

Gratitude blend:

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