Shadrach the Neo Mastiff

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Hello and welcome to my Team Page. I am the reason this website even exists, WOOF! Even though I passed into the heavenly realm on April 5, 2011 my legacy (which everyone says was larger than even moi!) lives on in this website, blog, and all that we do as a team here. Without my grand entrance into Mom’s (Dr. Kim’s) life – there would be none of the following:

1. No website
2. No blog
3. No podcast
4. No animal naturopath directing this site

By all scents and scents-abilities I am the reason this all exists – well really God is bepaws He brought me to Mom and Dad! You can learn all about me in Mom’s books and in the blog posts that are still here with me. Some Mom deleted when she moved to new hosting bepaws I wrote this blog known as Bark ‘N’ Blog for many years until I passed from this earthly realm – and it was a LOT of blog posts! I liked to talk, a lot.

I did however recently send Mom a class from heaven to put together so I’m still participating, WOOF!

Visit my Memorial Page to see how much of a legacy my big self brought to this world! Mom always says I am forever loved, never forgotten and inspiring to this day! Well I for one am looking forward to the day I can run to her again and jump into her arms – which will knock her over I’m sure but it won’t hurt hehe.

Here is my class so go check it out paw-lease:

More information:

"Commit your works to the Lord, And your thoughts will be established." ~Proverbs 16:3, NKJV

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