Animal Behavior and Nature
Animal Behavior and Nature

The Howling Game

The Howling Game with the KingsterAbout three months ago King (my American Bully) began playing a game with me that is not only funny but a lot of fun for me – and a nice release for him I am sure. I call it the Howling Game – even though it starts with a whole bunch of barking.

King will sometimes initiate the play by running to get a toy and have me play tuggie wit him. His primary aim isn’t to play with me but to entice Schatzie (my Carolina Dog aka American Dingo girl) to play with him lol. That’s fine, my ego isn’t a bit hurt by that. Read more“The Howling Game”

Irondog Triathlon Training

American Bully dog sitting at his fenceOkay I REALLY don’t have all this extra time but I thought this little spoof video on the “Ironman Triathlon” as “IronDOG Triathlon” could potentially be used to inspire people a bit.

How you ask?

Well, because of King I have had to REALLY get out of my comfort zone again. I used to run 5-6 miles per day for years. But after we moved out here to the high desert and I left the park where I ran with others, and Shadrach was getting old and slowing WAY down, it was easy for me to slip into a “lazy” run daily. About a 1/3 of my original run. Read more“Irondog Triathlon Training”